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UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Translation Accuracy of English Idiomatic Expression into Indonesian in Inside Out Film Subtitle

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This research focuses to find the types of idiomatic expression applied and to examine the translation accuracy of English idiomatic expression into indonesian in Inside Out film subtitle translated by by using qualitative descriptive method. The writer collects the data by watching the film, reading the subtitles of the film, and marking the idiomatic expression that is contained in the film. After finding the idioms, the writer analyses the data by classifying the type of idiomatic expression based on McCarthy and O’Dell’s theory about the types of idiom, analyzing the translation strategy used by the translator based on Mona Baker’s theory and analyzing the translation accuracy of English idiomatic translation into indonesian about accuracy-rating assessment by Nababan. As the Result, the types of idiomatic expression applied in that film are compound, verb+object, simile/simili, and binomial. The translator seems prefer to use omission of entire idiom, paraprashing and use idiom of similar meaning and form strategy in translating idiom expression. There are also three idioms that are not accurate trasnlated, but in general the result of translation can be acceptable. In conclusion, the translator has a good quality in translating idiomatic expression.
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