PERPUSTAKAAN Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid

UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

The Freedom Portrayal in the Main Character of Hamilton (2020) Film: An Existentialism Study

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This research aims to discuss how the main character in the film Hamilton (2020),
namely Alexander Hamilton, struggles to find and maintain his existence as a free
human being. A human tends to have personal and interpersonal conflicts as he is
born into this world until human makes his life choices which determine his
existence to break free from such rough situations. Therefore, this research
examines the main character's struggle to find and maintain his existence by using
the theory of existentialism proposed by Jean-Paul Sartre and the theory of
Character and Characterization by Boggs & Petrie. Using the qualitative method
in this research, the data observation techniques used are indirect or non-direct
participant observation because the object of this research is the film text. The
data collected comes through viewing, storing, documenting, and analyzing what
the main character does in the film and how the other characters narrate the main
character’s situation in each song lyrics of this musical film. The research argues
firstly that Alexander Hamilton as the main character is described his
characterization as a young handsome and scrappy person, but also intelligent,
caring, and courageous person. Secondly, Alexander Hamilton's freedom to make
life choices means that freedom needs consciousness of humanity, responsibility,
morality, and death, so Alexander Hamilton knows that he is a free agent to
realize his legacy as his essence of humanity.
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