PERPUSTAKAAN Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid

UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

American Hegemony In Outer Space: Analysing Power Dynamics In The Martian Film (2015)

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This study applies Edward Said's Orientalism theory to analyse The Martian Film
(2015), exploring how it portrays Western (specifically, American) dominance
over the non-Western nations within the narrative. The research scrutinises aspects
such as America's heroic image, emphasis on its technological excellence, and
interactions with non-American entities during space exploration. The study
highlights American dominance themes, particularly concerning leadership and
representation, by closely examining characters and scenes. The research results
are (1) the film contains 15 instances of mise-en-scene elements, following
Lewis's theory (including setting, costumes, makeup, acting, lighting, and
framing), contributing to the visual reinforcement of American dominance in
space exploration. (2) The study identifies various forms of hegemony according
to Edward Said's Orientalism theory, such as technological and resource
dependency, political influence, and economic control. It contends that America
exercises significant control over essential space exploration resources,
consolidating its hegemonic position. In conclusion, this study provides a nuanced
analysis of how The Martian underscores American hegemony and reflects
Orientalism in its representation, offering insights into the film's messaging and
broader implications.
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