PERPUSTAKAAN Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid

UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Women and nature under patriarchal dominance in han kang’s the fruit of my woman

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This thesis aims to find how domination over women is connected to the domination over nature, and how the two are related to patriarchal thinking as presented in Han Kang‘s The Fruit of My Woman. Descriptive-qualitative research methods are used in this research. By using ecofeminism, this research analyzes the issues in the novella such as patriarchal norms, objectification of and violence against women and nature, as well as the perpetual subjugation of both women and nature. This research found that women and nature experience oppressions formed out of the norms created by patriarchal power dynamics and rigid conventions, and how acts of domination depend upon value hierarchical and dualisms. The connection of women and nature is also found in the desire of the wife to rebirth away from patriarchal conventions, as she transforms into a plant to oppose said domination. However, the wife‘s sense of empowerment is defeated, as women‘s liberation is connected to environmental liberation. Women and nature‘s image as the Other unabled the wife to escape the subjugation even after her transformation. This thesis presents the novella as a literature that re-introduces ecofeminism discourse in ways that it provides greater insights on the ways patriarchy justifies subjugation of both women and nature, and that to dismantle the unjust structure, we have to first re-evaluate the system. The novella suggests that there can only be significant change to the oppressive patriarchal worldview if there is mutual awareness from both the dominant and the dominated to initiate said movement.
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