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Personality disorder of alice parrie in beautiful malice novel by rebecca james

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The study analyzes the characteristics of Alice Parrie character that shows personality disorder and the factors that triggers Alice Parrie personality disorder, Alice is the antagonist character of the novel Beautiful Malice who has a conflict with the main character Katherine Boydell. There are two objectives of study. First is to examine and explain the characteristics of Alice Parrie’s that shows personality disorder and the second is find the factors that triggers Alice Parrie’s personality disorder. The writer collects the data by dialogues or monologues that related to the analysis, and then, classify it uses psychological approach and qualitative method for understanding the data analysis. The results from this study indicate that Alice have some characteristics, which are impulsive behavior, self-destructing and attempting suicide. Alice responded to Katherine's disregard as well. Alice's strong emotions, her ability to change her expression quickly, and she really need to be the center of attention. Alice's attitude, which is based on lack of empathy, arrogance with envy, need for admiration, and extremely sensitive to criticism. From the characteristics that have been found, Alice Parrie has three of ten types of personality disorder: borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic personality disorders, and those types belong to cluster B. Personality disorder can be caused by genetics and environment. In this case, Alice environment has a big role to shape her personality. First trigger is from her real mother who abandoned her and her brother. The possibility that she has a personality disorder caused by traits inherited from her real mother which mean the badness experienced by Alice's mother was imitated by her, resulting in the disorder. Second is she is losing her beloved brother. The last is environment, which are her friendship with Katherine, luxurious lifestyle and free association. Based on the study, it is possible to conclude that the family and social environment, such as life, have a significant impact on a person's personality
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