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Stockholm Syndrome Portrayal in V for Vendetta (2006) Film

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This thesis explores Evey Hammond who has personality change that is caused by
developing a rare psychological phenomenon known as Stockholm Syndrome
during her time being held as hostage. This research is done by using qualitative
method and narrative-descriptive analysis technique to analyse the character. The
theory of Stockholm Syndrome by Dee L. R. Graham is applied to identify the
conditions that commonly appears to the victim of the syndrome. The major
indicator by Graham is used as a guide to analyse, understand, and explain the
phenomenon. Based on the analysis using the theory of Character and
Characterization by Petrie W. Dennis and Joseph M. Boggs, Evey appears to be a
dynamic character who has her personality changes throughout the film. The
characterization of the personality is depicted through the dialogue, external, and
internal actions. This paper found that Evey is experiencing three out of four
conditions of Stockholm Syndrome. The conditions are perceive threat to survival,
perceive kindness, and isolation. Furthermore, Evey is also showing six out of nine
major indicators of Stockholm Syndrome: shows symptoms of trauma, forms
reciprocated bond, feel grateful for kindness, rationalize threat and/or violence,
associate self to captor, and feel hard to leave captor. These findings lead to a
conclusion that Evey Hammond experiences the Stockholm Syndrome
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