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Forced marriage in aisha saeed’s written in the stars: feminist literary criticism

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Women have achieved equality with men in terms of acquiring resources, communicating, and doing certain occupations. When this issue is analyzed in detail, however, there are still women who are regarded as inferior to men and mistreated, particularly in rural areas. Therefore, patriarchy continues to exist. This research aims to show how forced marriage can lead the oppression in Aisha Saeed’s Written in The Stars novel. The researcher chooses the feminist literary criticism in the novel to enrich the analysis of the novel, which generally focuses on the forced marriage that led to a various form of oppression that Naila as the main character experienced, as well as her resistance. This research uses feminism as a concept. In Written in The Stars, Aisha Saeed as a Pakistani-American Muslim writer portrayed arranged marriages that have become a cultural tradition that cannot be broken in Pakistani culture. In this case, the marriage ends in force and oppression, which is experienced by Naila as the main character. The result of this research shows that marriage can be a coercive tool and a means to oppress someone, especially a woman. Many types of oppression rooted from forced marriages, such as powerlessness, marginalization, exploitation, and violence. It also shows the resistance of the main character to dealing with it. In conclusion, the forced marriage that occurs in the novel has caused the oppression of the main character, which is followed by the main character's struggle to get out of the oppression and achieve her goal.
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