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UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Teddy Daniel’s Dream Interpretation and Defense Mechanisms in Shutter Island Movie

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This research focuses on the psychological conditions experienced by the main
character, Andrew Laeddis, a.k.a Teddy in Shutter Island movie directed by
Martin Scorsese. The purpose is to examine a series of dreams experienced by
Teddy, as well as the defense mechanism he uses in his hallucination in
overcoming his trauma of his days at war and the tragic deaths of his three
children and his wife using Dream Interpretation and Defense mechanisms
theories both by Sigmund Freud. The research used qualitative-descriptive
methods to reveal the research findings. The results of the analysis discovered that
the symbols in Teddy's dream manifest are closely related to the traumatic events
in his past and explicitly represent his inner conflicts. Teddy's longing for having
his family back is reflected in his dream of water and fire. The emergence of
Rachel and a young girl in the manifest dream described the guilty feeling of
abandoning his family while the dream of his days at war wrapped the idea of
Teddy's self-hatred. The dream-work disguisement process fulfilled all three types
of its form which is displacement, representation, and condensation. The
hallucination Teddy has is a part of his defense mechanisms in order to reduce the
anxieties caused by the guilts and trauma about his family. The defense
mechanisms used also include repression, projection, rationalization, introjection,
and denial. Thus, Teddy's dreams of these three specific symbols have proven to
serve as an open gate to his unconscious mind and eventually give him a chance to
be cured and to consciously face the reality
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