PERPUSTAKAAN Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid

UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Sarcasm relating to patriarchy in frances cha’s if i had your face novel

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This thesis is aimed to find practices of patriarchy and sarcastic expressions which relate
to patriarchy in Frances Cha’s If I Had Your Face novel. In order to achieve those, the
researcher uses qualitative method and descriptive analysis with the theory of patriarchy
and sarcasm, as well as secondary sources such as books, journals, and other sources. The
result shows that the novel portrays practices of patriarchy through subordination,
marginalization, stereotypes, and violence that are faced by female characters in South
Korean society, both in private and public fields. Moreover, 8 data of sarcastic expressions
are used by the characters in Frances Cha’s If I Had Your Face to depict the practices of
patriarchy towards women in South Korea. Hence, it is discovered that patriarchy in South
Korean society is still one of the main problems faced by women, even though there have
been so many laws and policies that try to break inequalities toward women. It points out
how Confucian values are still being held within South Korean society, which sets Korean
women as the inferior people
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