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Identity Crisis Of The Main Character In The Safron Dreams Novel by Shaila Abdullah

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This research aims to examine and reveal the identity crisis that occurs in
the main character in the novel Saffron Dreams by Shaila Abdullah, namely
Arissa Illahi, and to find out how Arissa faces the identity crisis. This research
uses qualitative method with descriptive analysis and it is supported by Robert
DiYanni's characterization, language and style theory, and Stuart Hall's identity
theory. Arissa Illahi is a Muslim woman from Pakistan who initially chose the
identity of a Muslim woman without using another identity began to change when
she came to America and increasingly thought about changing her identity when
the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001 occurred. Some
Americans' views of Muslims have changed, one of which is Arissa's. The results
of this research can be said that identity is a thing that can change, for example
Arissa who at first choose to keep her original identity finally negotiated by
choosing her new identity like Americans in general without forgetting her old
identity in her behavior and heart as a result of the identity crisis that happened to
her. Many factors can influence the emergence of an identity crisis in a person,
one of which is Arissa who experiences an identity crisis due to discrimination.
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