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Influence Of Environment Condition On Main Character’s Stress Significant In Inside Out (2015) Film

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This thesis aims to observe influence of environment condition on main
character’s stress significant through psychological approach in Inside Out (2015),
a film directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen. By using qualitative
method and descriptive analysis technique, this research explains influence of
environment on Riley’s stress significant through characterization by Boggs and
Petrie and concept of stress by Richard Lazarus. To support the analysis, the
writer also uses one of cinematography aspects: color to reveal visual evidence in
supporting the analysis.
Based on the research findings, the writer concludes that Riley as the main
character in Inside Out film has dynamic characters. Before her moving, she has
several good characters, such as cheerful, friendly, honest, and funny. Then she
turns into her opposite sides; gloomy, unsocial, rebellious, and cold person, since
her arrival at San Francisco; her new environment. The data in this research shows
that Riley’s characters changes is her emotional stress reaction.
This research figures out that environment in Inside Out film has a
significant influence as the stimulation of stressors that put Riley into stress
condition based on the facts that San Francisco has natural disaster potency, food
culture, and manner. Moving to San Francisco for Riley means that she must
separate from all her friends and her beloved hockey team which put her feeling
into lonely and stressful condition. Finally, San Francisco takes a role as producer
of stressors which stimulate events that depress Riley’s psychological condition
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