PERPUSTAKAAN Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid

UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Defence Mechanism in The Purpose of Colin Reeds’ Imaginary Companion in Finding Paradise Game

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This thesis examines the main character of Finding Paradise (2017) game, Colin Reeds, directed and written by Kan Gao, and produced by Freebird Games Canada. The purpose and significance of this research are to understand, analyse, and explain the main character’s personality through Freudian psychoanalysis approach related to defence mechanism that is related to the purpose of imaginary companion. This research is using qualitative method and descriptive analysis technique to analyse the defence mechanism that happened in the main character’s personality problems and his attachment to his imaginary companion. This analysis is done after analysing the main character using character and characterization theory by Petrie W. Dennis and Joseph M. Boggs. Based on the analysis, the writer concludes that Colin Reeds has several anxieties related to loneliness. Soon his ego solved it by creating an imaginary companion named as Faye. Colin’s creation of Faye was based on his need of a trustworthy friend caused by the frequent absence of his parents and the lack of respect by his friends. Furthermore, Faye also helped him reaching his dream of flying, playing music better, and solving the anxiety that he had towards finding new friends and the existence of Sigmund Corp in the end. This research found that Faye’s existence includes the effort to maintain Colin’s personality balanced which could possibly come from the causes mentioned above and the further that came. Through Faye’s existence, he ran several defence mechanisms to overcome his anxieties, such as fantasy, projection, introjection, suppression, regression, and repression.
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